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We Love Princesses


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We love our Princesses!

We may have added some new princesses since creating the list below. If you are interested in a princess that you don’t see listed here just ask us, we might have her available.

Can you guess which princesses these are?
  • Ice Queen: Her magical ice powers make her unique among the other princesses. Good thing she has learned to control them! Who is she?
  • True love princess: Her fun loving nature and bravery makes this princess a favorite for many. She loves chocolate! Guess who?
  • Flower princess: If this princesses long hair isn’t impressive enough you should see her art! Watch out for that frying pan though! Who could this princesses be?
  • Warrior Princess: This scottish beauty has flaming red hair and a fiery spirit to go with it! Do you know this princess?
  • Glass slipper princess: A dream is a wish your heart makes, if we keep dreaming someday that dream will come true! Who is she?
  • Beauty: This adventurous princess always has her nose in a book! Who could this be?
  • Snow: Animals love her beautiful voice! This princess can sing like no other! Guess who?

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